‘Rebel’ fights against all odds

Lawrance directoral venture with Prabhas “Rebel” shooting is going at Ramoji Film City. Director Lawrence revealed the Rebel story in single line.

In Rebel, hero Prabhas likes fighting. “He fights against illegal activities and all odds without waiting. People calls him Rebel. What is his story? That is the full cinema.” Lawrence said.

Thamanna, Deeksha Seth are female leads beside Prabhas. Producers: J.Bhagwan, Pulla Rao.
Producers told media that “This story is very much apt for Hero Prabhas. Flash back scenes are very important in this movie. Some scenes and songs will be picturised in foreign. Unit is going foreign soon”.

But producers and director not yet informed the tentative release date of this movie. As per our sources Rebel is not in summer race.