Reasons for fall of ratings of Bigg Boss show


The reality show Bigg Boss hosted by NTR is on the downfall for last two weeks, it has managed around 5 points for the week 36 of 2017.

According to experts here are the reasons for fall of ratings of the Bigg Boss show.

* Some Contestants who are actually fighting for the title in the Bigg Boss Show are not popular celebrities.
* Prince, Kathi Karthika eliminations
* Wild Card Entry Deeksha’s Poor Performance and also Continuing her until the very end by Eliminating Strong Contestants.
* The lack of newness in the Big Boss Tasks.
* Contestants fail to entertain audiences.
* The show is dependent on NTR and the show is not interesting on the weekdays except weekend.
* Participants are waiting for the end of the show and go back homes.
* Re-entry of Mumaith Khan was also been considered as a big minus for the show as the rules of Bigg Boss are violated by Bigg Boss.