Reason for TDP against Jamali elections

yanamalaFinance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishna said that the BJP party at the centre is trying to suppress the regional parties. The BJP, which has realized that the national parties and leaders are always been threatened by regional parties, has sketched a conspiracy against them. Regrettably, BJP doesn’t like the existence of regional parties and a National agenda has been putting forward.

Yanamala spoke at a wide-range meeting of the TDP party today. On this occasion, he explained why the TDP is opposed to the Jamali elections. “The BJP government has already brought One Nation – One tax to undermine the states,” he said. This has led to the reduction of revenue to states and financially teh states turned weak. One Nation – One Election is now going to be politically damaging. He has made it clear that the TDP party, which sees their conspiracies, has opposed this election.

Yanamala said that BJP leaders had opened this conspiracy as there is a threat to their seats if the regional leaders raise their heads. He said that many political analysts have revealed about the conspiracy. Yanamala made it clear that the TDP had never agreed to the proposal, which was brought by BJP.