Reason for Jagan’s wife away from Canvassing

The last few days has been seeing some dramatic developments in Andhra Pradesh referring to the Y S Jagan issue. Currently the young leader is in the jail and already bail efforts are in full swing. Meanwhile, it is heard that the responsibility of canvassing has been put on his mother Vijayamma.

But many are asking one more question, why is Bharathi, wife of Jagan, not canvassing. The latest we saw even Sharmila, sister of Jagan, taking part in canvassing so why not Bhargavi. Sources say Jagan wanted Bhargavi to stay away from that activity and focus totally on getting him out.

It is heard from Jagan camp that Bharathi is in talks with the top shot lawyers of the country and at the same time, she is also managing the crores of businesses that are currently on. In a way, Bharathi is turning out to be the ideal wife for Jagan at his hours of crisis and tension.