Reason behind anchor Mallika’s death

mallikaTelugu television senior anchor and actress Mallika has died on Monday morning. The 39-year-old Mallika who was suffering from a serious illness for the past 20 days has been treated at a private hospital in Bangalore.

Her body was shifted to Hyderabad to perform the funeral. The Telugu film industry and television industry celebrities mourned the death of Mallika who has been recognized as one among first anchors.
The celebrities who worked with her paid their last respects and recalled relation with her.

Her family members reported that she had been in the coma for the past 20 days due to the brain haemorrhage. She has been treated in private hospital in Bangalore.

Mallika started her career as a television anchor, was well-known as a commentator on several television channels between 1997-2004. Later Mallika appeared in several films including Mahesh Babu’s debut film ‘Rajakumarudu’. Mallika’s hometown was Hyderabad After wedding with Vijay Sai, she went to Bangalore. She has a son. Mallika’s funeral will be held in Hyderabad on Wednesday.