Readers Opinion: Mahesh Babu’s No:1 dream has great history

Prince Mahesh Babu’s movie collections always being in controversy right from beginning of his career and this has a great history behind  to be understood.

It all started in way back 1983 when Tollywood’s No:1 Sr.NTR left films for politics, Super star Krishna’s career was at peak unanimously voted as No:1 hero in 1983 and in the same year  Chranjeevi has emerged as commercial hero with Khaidi movie. Krishna had good graph till 1987,

But in 1987  , which was his  most disappointing year in his career after his first son Ramesh Babu  was launched . Krishna had  series of flops and never regained his glory back. Meanwhile  Chiranjeevi graph picked up gradually,  In 1987 his film ‘Pasivadi Pranam’ lead Chiranjeevi to super stardom. Chiranjeevi was sensational in a new dance called “Break Dance”  to emerge as new Tollywood No:1 hero.

Out of frustration and other political factors Krishna spoiled his career by making worst political movies and releasing them in no gap and  this frustration lead to a burning desire for Mahesh Babu and Krishna fans to grab the No:1 chair of Tollywood at any cost.

Mahesh started his career with Raja Kumarudu and his career graph went on like one hit and few flops till Dookudu. Meanwhile Chiranjeevi left films for politics in 2008 and the Top chair was vacant and  at the same time even Pawan Kalyan career was down for years . These factors attracted to plan strategically and declare Mahesh as No:1 hero of Tollywood .

For this they has chosen a way of  hyping collections and make an announcement by veteran personality of Tollywood  but to their surprise none of the veterans including Dasari Narayana Rao were ready to accept Mahesh as No:1 hero . They again made a second attempt at Businessman release time but the movie took a somersault and they had to mute their voices. In the mean time mega heroes bounced back with stunning hit which poured water on Mahesh Babu’s dreams.

Instead  of accepting fact  that Mahesh cannot become a No:1 hero unless some miracle takes place,  His fans who now turned into media journos & blog owners are with a view like “Now or Never” , had came up for his re-sue by faking of collections again & again till  the Industry hit record of Magadheera breaks and declare Mahesh as No:1.  Unfortunately they could not succeed in projecting him as No:1  till date .   They have to understand one thing “ Hyping collections cannot make  a No:1 hero , Its the emotional attachment of larger section of people with the hero which will decide the top position