Rayapati to join TDP?

There are some police officers working against the Rayapati family and lending support to forces which are behind the malicious campaign being carried out to damage the reputation of senior Congress leader and parliamentarian Rayapati Sambasiva Rao and his family, There is some political motive behind spoling the name of his family his brother and MLC Rayapati Srinivas has alleged.

Denying sex racket accused Tara Chowdary’s charge that he had offered her Rs 50 lakh to defame his political arch-rival in the district and minister Kanna Lakshminarayana or anyone else, Sambasiva Rao said there was a planning, preparation and practice behind making these charges against him and his brother Srinivas.

Former mayor Rayapati Mohan Sai Krishna, echoing Srinivas’ charge that certain forces were out to harm the reputation of their family, asserted that they had never visited the house of Tara Chowdary at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad as alleged.

Tara’s ‘revelation’ to the police of the MP’s money lure to her to defame Kanna has only intensified the political war between the two rivals. Already, a defamation case filed by the minister a year ago has been pending against the MP in the district court.

With his episode Rayapati may shift his base as he is looking for a place in TDP for a long time .