Raviteja’s mother rubbish media reports about Bharath funeral

rp_bharath-funeral-300x225.jpgActor Raviteja’s mother Rajyalakshmi rubbished media reports that the funeral of her second son Bharath was paid.

Speaking about her younger son Bharat who was killed in an accident, she said, Bharat came from the USA after working for 8 years and he used to consume liquor but never addicted to drugs.

She said Bharath was deliberately framed in drugs case earlier, even an SI has informed her. Last 2 month before death Bharath has changed completely, he used to go to the gym for body fitness, followed a healthy diet and also used to go for swimming.

Raviteja kept Bharath aside because the latter used to consume and Raviteja didn’t like it. Raviteja used to always express his anger on Bharath. She rubbished all the reports that surfaced in media about Bharath funeral.