Raviteja learns to concentrate on his work

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja, the minimum guarantee hero in film industry lost half of his goodwill thanks to his recent movies. Almost all his recent films were utter flops, resulting in a huge downfall in his career graph. Better late than never. The hero realized that his image is fading, and hence is taking utmost care in the shaping of his upcoming movie ‘Sir Osthara’.

Raviteja  serious concentrating on his character at shooting time , He is discussing a lot with director before and after every shot like never before. He decided not to over act and stick to the role requirement. He knows that this is his last chance  to prove and get back his lost image and success otherwise he would join into other faded hero list.

Kajal and Richa Gangopadhyay are playing his love interest in the movie. Hope this movie brings Ravi TEja out of danger zone.