Raviteja in Harish Shankar’s Seeti Maar

rp_Ravi-Teja-at-Bharath-11th-day-ceremony-10-300x199-1-300x199.jpgDirector Harish Shankar’s next venture is titled Seeti Maar, has turned out to be a hot topic in filmi circles after the director announced the mass title.

Sources say Ravi Teja would star in the film. Curiously, this is the third time the director-actor are collaborating after films like Shock and Mirapayaka.

Harish has been a nearby associate of Ravi Teja and knows precisely how to depict the Raviteja. The is amazed at his characterisation. He trusts the film would convey him back in the vogue to the majority. The actor is shooting a film titled Nela Ticket.