Ravi Teja’s React short film comes with strong message

reactMass Maharaja Ravi Teja, who is enjoying the kick that given by the film success of ‘Raja the Great’, has turned into producer. To encourage a team that has come up with a good short film concept ,Ravi Teja produced it.

The short film ‘React’ is a beautiful concept with a very strong moral, which addresses the issue of eve teasing and sexual harassment incidents that women face on a daily basis in public places
The women may be someone’s Sister or Daughter. It is a slap for those who are silent without raising their voice against eve teasers and That’s why the short film has been titled as React.

This short film is directly questions the men as why they don’t respond when other girls are teased?. ‘React’ reminds everyone of the girls to come forward to teach a lesson to eve teasers. The Short  Film is small, but the message is great. These short filmmakers have given a message without a single dialogue in four minutes.