Ravi Teja’s Kick 2 leaked story ?

kick2Ravi Teja (Robin Hood) is a NRI Doctor who wants to construct a Hospital in USA and comes to India to sell his ancestral properties . He meets with an accident and later falls in love with Rakul Preeth singh. He stays in a PG sharing with Brahmanandam (who tends to be house owner).

In a meantime Rahul plays a  kidnap drama  of being kidnapped and  Ravi Teja reaches a village, which is been ruled by Ravi Kishan (Solomon Singh Thakur) . This bad guy owns mining business and use people as his slaves. Rakul’s father is been killed by Solomon and Rakul finds Ravi Teja as the right person who can give a fitting reply to the villain and that the reason she brings him to village with the Kidnap drama.

Ravi Teja do not want to get  involved in revenges and tells Rahul to come along with him, but the villages post a condition to stay in the village for 30 days and He agrees to stay for just 10 days. He accidently hugs a girl in temple , who tends to be Solomon’s sister and Solomon’s brother sees it. That goon attacks Ravi Teja, who in turn sends him to hospital with injuries and also treats him . In the meantime Solomon resorts for a huge blast in village , our Ravi Teja go wild in climax fight .