Ravi Teja fires on section of media

raviteja1Actor Ravi Teja clarifies about his brother Bharath death with media, he also fired at a section of media for  insensitive reporting.

Ravi Teja attended the 11th-day ceremony of his brother held in the apartment where Bharath used to stay. Talking to press He said, Nobody knowns his relationship with his brother. He advised the media to know the facts before writing something or posting.

He said, he already informed why he could not attend the funeral of his brother, he made a humble request to media to think before they react.

He said A section of media misinterpreted his uncle as Jr. artist who did the last rites of his brother, it’s completely wrong, said the actor.

He also clarified about the shooting saying, A 25 artists combination scene was planned that the reason he had to attend the shoot.