Ravi Teja admits Kick2 failure, Blames Surender Reddy

Kick2 First Look HD Posters (5)Raviteja ‘s recent release Kick2 has reportedly not doing well at Box Office due to initial shock from the day one.

Admitting the failure of the film, Actor Ravi Teja said, Kick2 was very lengthy in the second half and lost the audience on the first day itself because of the duration. On the second day the movie was trimmed by 20 minutes.

He blamed the director Surender Reddy for the failure . He said, He has good understand of what works in a film but this time he kept over faith of the director and respected his judgement, which led to such result.

Trade Sources, The movie is unlikely to collect the distributor share in its full run , which is around 28 crore.