Ravi Babu’s ‘Paranormal Activity’

Actor/director Allari Ravi Babu has always been known for his variety approach towards films and most of the times, he gets a strong inspiration from the Hollywood movies. While his attempts to come up with something different, this time he has decided to give the audience a scare.

Ravi Babu is currently busy with the shooting of his new movie ‘Avunu’ and this is slated to be a horror movie. Inside sources reveal that the film has a strong link to the Hollywood movie Paranormal Activity and the theme has been copied from there. However, Ravi Babu has reportedly added few Desi elements to it.

The film has Harshavardhan in the lead and he is pairing up with the noted Tamil actress Poorna. The music for the film is by Sekhar Chandra and recently the trailer was unveiled which brought a decent response. While the taking looks something new, let us see if Ravi Babu has brought some twists to the story as well.