Ravela Kishore Babu alleges Video as Morphed

ravela-kishore-babuAndhra Pradesh’s Minister for Social and Tribal Welfare Ravela Kishore Babu has slammed YSRCP Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and his media over his Son Revela Shusheel’s molestation case.

He allaged that Jagan is harassing his son to damage his image . He allaged that, the footage shown in Jagan’s media Sakhi is a morphed footage .

He alleged that , His son is innocent and also alleged that Jagan is harassing a Dalit student . He said, Jagan lacks guts to challenge him and that the reason he is cooking conspiracy against his son to drag him on streets and said, His son will walk out as ‘clean’ from the case.

He said, His’s son’s driver was manhandled by some people due to misunderstanding and Jagan took the leak of the news and framed his son by pressuring the  Police to file a new FIR against his son .

He said, The victim women also stated that some people have beaten two guys. He reiterated that, Its a morphed video , the road in which his son had travelled was a narrow road but the video shows a wide road.