Rashmi Gautam at receiving for retweeting Dhruva Troll

rashmiPopular anchor Rashmi Gautam is at the receving end for retweeting a post that says Rashmi Gautam’s Guntur Talkies collected Rs 17 lakh while Dhruva collected only Rs 15 lakh.

After she retweeted , Charan’s fans started abusing her and She gave it back saying, “Guys it’s a troll. Chill Don’t have to get nasty in any way. I don’t think I have handed over the controls of my likes, dislikes to anyone. And like all of you, I’m a human being too Who enjoys a joke (sic).”

“Omg people talking about CASTE. What ERA are we living in? Can we pls put all of this behind and move on. I’m sure we all have real jobs and real responsibilities; Ok so now what Does abusing me make you happy. Then go on I’m glad I can make someone’s day fruitful (sic),” she tweeted,