Rapist brutally beaten to death

sureshIn a most horrifying incident A man accused of raping a six-year-old girl was brutally beaten to death by a mob in Eluru.

Suresh from Eluru was suspected of raping the girl and killing her. The body of the girl was found in a trunk. Soon after the news broke out, the locals trashed the accused and surrendered him to the police. He was admitted into Hospital with injuries .

He escaped from the hospital and jumped off a flyover and injured himself very badly. While he was moved into a police station, the locals waging with anger lost their patience dragged Suresh out of cell and For a speedy justice, They took law in their hands beating the accused so severe that Suresh died in front of policemen on the street. People stamped Suresh ( lying on the road) on his chest and head , till he breathed his last. While DSP Sarita Devi stated that People have just stamped on the dead body of Suresh.

Is this a kind of mass hysteria among public or they have lost confidence on judiciary ?. Whatever, the fact is people want every thing instantly. There are many minor rape incidences reported in India, In this case, People feel that Justice is delivered at right time to show the world that “Rape is not only a crime ..It is assassination “.