Rana’s Dookudu !

Entering the film industry with film background always gives an easy access to the first one or two films but after that it is the responsibility of the individual to sustain his career and create his own impression. While most of them have been smooth in this matter, one young man has been facing trouble.

He is Daggubati Rana, son of Daggubati Suresh Babu, grandson of Daggubati Ramanaidu. Though he has the right kind of backup, terrific personality and influence, Rana is unable to prove himself as an actor. But now, it is heard that he has decided to increase the speed and do more films and that too in Bollywood.

Those who heard this are saying it is better Rana controls his speed and focuses more on improving his skills. For example, he is very bad at dance and facial expressions. So, it is better he takes time and focuses on some workshops instead of trying to do more films and spoiling his future chances.