Rana Daggubati Interview

99-ranaActor Rana Daggubati as part of pre release promotions of his upcoming political entertainer Nene Raju Nene Mantri gave special interview to his fans as part of #99QuestionsWithJogendra promotion program.

* You are inspired by which actors?
– Sylvester Stallone, Kamal Haasan, Amitabh Bachchan.
* Another movie with Rajamouli or Hollywood film?
– Tell the story first.
* The reason for acting as a politician for the second time?
– There is more drama in politics.
* Your comment on fan clashes?
– My fans do not get a fight. They love movies.
* Where is that Rana who acted ‘department’ and ‘Naa Istam’?
– Bhagdaladeva destroyed him with a big weapon.
* Do you wear the same clothes once wear?
– I wore This shirt for the fourth times in this week.
* Your favourite subject in college?
– I did not go to college.
* Do you Have friends other than film and political circles?
– Many of my friends are not in politics and film field.
* What are two phones used?
– I’m doing movies. Acting in television shows. Run the Film Agency. I have associated with IT industry too, so I get many calls. That’s why I use phones.
* Where do you take meals?
– I eat timely. It is not a matter of where I eat.
* Food or friendship?
– Difficult question. I won’t die if I miss friendship, but not in the case of food, I prefer food.
* What are things that make you happy?
– food, friends, movies.
* Have you ever cried?
– I cried in many movies. Personally, when someone leaves, I weep.
* Have you ever travelled in autos and public buses?
– Sometimes I went on the bus and went many times in the autos. I used to leave the car at school and escape from school in auto.
* What do you like about yourself?
– Sorry – Nothing!
* On Which Rajini’s dialogue, you still like to whistle.
– Basha Okkasari Chapite 100 sarulu chapinatle.
* Can you stay home without technology, regardless of the world?
– No can’t live
* Can you host ‘Bigg Boss’ season?
– I love this show very much. I do not know whether or not? this show has emotional drama and Tarak is doing well.
* Do you watch naked scenes in the story?
– okay. I have no such thing.
* Maniratnam or Shankar Movie?
– Mani Ratnam
* Power, Fame, Money .. What do you choose?
– Not the above
* Do you wanted to play Prabhas role in ‘Baahubali’?
– No
* Will Jogendra look like a husband or politician?
– As a husband.
* What app you use the most?
– Whatsapp
* Personally who is the closest actor?
– Prabhas