‘Rana Daggubati and Bipasha Basu’ Marriage in December

‘Rana Daggubati and Bipasha Basu’ Marriage in December

Rana Daggubati and Bipasha Basu have been secretly dating each other for a month and this time their relationship is for keeps as Rana has asked the actress to marry him and she accepted.

The couple who met on the sets of Dum Maro Dum, instantly hit it off and started seeing each other, but Rana’s close friendship with actress Trisha annoyed Bipasha and she decided to call time on their relationship.

After they broke up, Rana realised how much he missed Bips and started wooing her all over again. A source close to Rana says, “Rana was never over her and Bips too missed him. They met up in Mumbai two months back and slowly started sorting out all the misunderstandings between them. Rana knows she is the girl for him.”

The actor is said to have proposed two weeks back to Bips with a lovely five carat diamond ring. An excited Bips is now racing to complete her assignments as she does not want to upset Rana’s family by continuing to act in films.

She has decided to work with her father-in-law Suresh Babu in upgrading the studio facility at Ramanaidu Studios. She wants to now produce Bollywood films there and also concentrate on promoting Rana’s career in Bollywood.

The couple are keeping this news secret because Rana’s grandfather is taking time to come around. It is said that his grandfather D. Ramanaidu is concerned about their age difference and is keen that Rana marries a girl from his community. He feels Bips might not adjust to the kind of low-profile lives women in his family lead.

But the actor is adamant that he will only marry Bipasha. In fact, he has enlisted the help of actor Mahesh Babu and his superstar dad Krishna to talk to his grandfather as Mahesh is very happily married to Namrata Shirodkar.

Rana doesn’t want to announce the news till his grandad fully comes around, but sources close to the star say that his father Suresh Babu has given the couple his blessings and has even met up with Bip’s family. They are just waiting for Ramanaidu to come around before going public.

And Rana, don’t get a panic attack after reading this news, just remember today’s date.