Rana avoids media over Sri Reddy allegations

rp_rana-169x300.jpgActress Sri Reddy accusations against Daggubatti family became sensational, She has also released photos taken when she was very close to Abhiram. She alleged that she was raped by Abhiram. While the Daggubati family has not yet responded on this matter.

Recently the media tried to find the Daggubati Rana response on the issue but the result was silence. Rana has to media for a film promotion on Friday in Hyderabad. Rana participated in a Hollywood movie Promotion which is dubbed in Telugu. Rana expressed happiness about dubbing for the Telugu translation of that Hollywood movie. After the program ended, Rana left without taking questions from the media.

In the wake of Sri Reddy’s sensational allegations against Rana’s younger brother, the media representatives asked Rana to respond to this issue. Rana left the media without talking to the media representatives. None of the Daggubati family members has reacted on Sri Reddy’s allegations.