Ram’s shocking statement after latest flop

Despite critics average reviews Ram’s latest release Endukante Premanta, the actor is still hoping for the film to do well at the ticket windows. This type of films need time to settle down. And that’s what now it is happening with Endukante Premanta after first week.

Taking it a bit ahead to reacting to a comment, Ram tweeted like this ‘ Cinema chusi Pichi ekki Tiriginavaalu vunnaru..Picha Pichaga nachi Tirigi Vellinavaalu inka ekkuva vunnaru. Go and Judgethe movie yourself’. That shows his optimism over the movie success.

Well, if we go by his expectations, Endukante Premanta should settle down at least in A centers by this week end. Last week shows registered positive percentage of attendance in most of the Hyderabad theatres. But Collections other than major cities and in rural areas are sliding down though.