Ramoji secret patch up with Jagan ?

Media baron Ramoji Rao who is also known to be king maker seems to have made a patch up with YS. Jagan . Those who follow both the Eenadu and Sakshi can obeserve the secret understanding between them.

Eenadu which had fought against YS. Jagan’s corruprtion has stopped wirting articles against him for last few days, while Sakshi media stopped taking names of Ramoji and Eenadu on their TV and paper. One more surprising fact , Bharati cements which belongs to Jagan  for the first time after its launch has advertised on ETV telugu. It has sponsered a program on ETV.

Ramoji Rao who was pro Telugu Deasam has dumped TDP before 2009 elections as Chandra babu did not  agree to his formula. Ramoji has designed a winning combination like TDP + TRS + CIP+CMP in Telangana and TDP+Praja Rajayam +CPI+CPM in Andhra . But Naidu rejected Praja Rajyam . This made Ramoji to avoid Naidu thus  TDP has lost major Kamma’s vote bank in 2009 and in latest by-polls . Ramoji has very good relations with center including congress and was soft towards congress all the time.

Jagan who wants to win atleast 20 MP seats and support  UPA government  and play a vital role at center as Naidu did in forming NDA government  has given clear signals to center through national medias stating that he will support Congress and  UPA,  While talking to state media he always try to project congress is the main rival.

Sources say, Big heads has worked out a master plan to bailout Jagan and a secret understanding was reached between Jagan and Ramoji so that bailing out process of  Jagan may not be highlighted.May be in future we find Eenadu projecting Jagan as Hero as it has done with Naidu, later with YS.Rajashakar Reddy before 2004 elections giving free publicity providing space in its front page on daily basis when he was on Padha Yatra thus helping him to build his Rajanna image. Politics are politics any thing can happen …