Rammohan Naidu allege Bhanwarlal as partial

ram-mohanTDP MP Rammohan Naidu alleged that State Election Commission Officer Bhanwarlal is showing partiality towards YSRCP.

Rammohan Naidu has complained to central election commission on Bhanwarlal in Delhi. Speaking to the media channels He said, Bhanwarlal attitude remained the same since the day of filing the nominations. TDP also complained about the expiry of notary signature in Silpa Mohan Reddy nominations papers but no action was taken. CM Chandrababu Naidu’s who has a Z plus category security and everything is monitored by the central forces. But YSRCP party workers stopped Naidu pantry vehicle and broke the lock of it which resulted in security breach. Despite complaint to state EC , no action was taken, said Rammohan.

On other hand, He said, when Silpa Mohan Reddy wrote a Email to Bhanwarlal to stop telecasting opinion polls , Bhawarlal immediately released a circular to stop the opinion polls, which is against the circular of CEC in 1998 which said Opinion polls can be conducted 48 hours prior to elections.