Ramgopal Varma hates Chiranjeevi age

rgvDirector Ramgopal varma hates Chiranjeevi turning 60.

He Tweeted.. What I hate about mega star is that he’s celebrating that he is 60 years old whereas as a fan I want him to be forever young. By making a event he’s 60 years old he’s unnecessarily announcing that he’s that old ..fans like me don’t care about how old he is. I hate it that even Mega star can be old bcos as fan I believe he’s superman nd can’t age but himself celebrating he’s 60 old I don’t like.

Whatever shastipurthi I hate he is 60 old nd I dislike great people to announce age nd I hate ppl who conspired nd convinced him on event.Celebrating 60 years old is deep rooted nefarious conspiracy of near ones whereas true ppl will work towards hiding or ignoring his age.First time I saw mega star i think he was 26 nd I forever want him to be 26..I hate the people who are celebrating that he’s 60 years old.
Not in context of Mega but Shastipurthi I think is near and dear ones conspiracy to forcibly retire the head of the family. I never wish happy birthday to anyone chiranjeevigaru but ur birth gave us great happiness so I will just wish ourselves ur happy birth. Chiranjeevigaru I hate it that u became 60 yrs old nd I hate it more that ur people are advertising it but u wil be forever 26 for us fans.