Ramesh Maddineni calls RGV a Buffoon

ramesh-varmaThe controversy over the announcement of the Nandi Awards by the Andhra Pradesh government is not at all cooling.

Director Ram Gopal Verma started commenting on the Nandi award committee awards in his own satirical style saying the jury members should be given Oscars.

While Director Ramesh Maddineni made highly derogatory comments on RGV calling him a Buffoon. He said, RGV feared the Mumbai mafia and hence shifted his base to Hyderabad. RGV never bothered about society and now How did he suddenly showing responsibility towards Nandi awards, the recipients and the society ?. RGV himself received the Nandi awards from the then chief minister NT Rama Rao and why didn’t he made comments on the jury ?.

RGV said,he is not concerned about the jury member scolding him. But he feels sorry for the government for selecting such a person as member for the Nandi awards committee.