Ramcharan’s risk proved critics wrong

The first week collection show the true potential or star power of a hero to drag audience to theaters and also  prove  the best showman for this Sankranthi .

The two movies  released for this Sankranthi , Ramchran’s Naayak and Mahesh , Venkatesh multi starer Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Cheetu , both the films performed very well at box office and raisied the Tollywood boxoffice stamina above 100 crores nett for one week world wide collecting shares 32.51 & 31.79 crores respectively.

The first week collections represents the star power,  rest will depend on movie’s strenght. Ramcharan basically risked announcing his Naayak relase against biggies like Mahesh & Venkatesh who have great following in AP as well as overseas market. Taking such big stars was not an easy task  and squatting men raised their eyesbrows before release but here comes the  Ramcharan’s  true star power .

‘Naayak’ being cherry’s 5th film has managed to carry the whole film on his shoulders and proved himself  to be called as real Sankranthi hero in 2013. Its not just about collections , its about his belief, popularity, hardwork & stamina . At this tender age he created such a wonders,  in future there is no doubt he will conquer the top chair of Tollywood.