Ramcharan’s Dhruva lands in profit at USA Boxoffice

dhruvaFinally, Ramcharan’s Dhruva becomes the actor first film not only to cross one Million Dollars at USA Boxoffice but also to become first Charan’s film to lands in profit.

The Overseas Rights of the film were bagged at ₹5.25cr and it looked quite tough with the below par premier shows collections. But Charan showed his strength, the collections remained study and the film on its third Thursday collected over $8k taking the Total gross to $1,408,332

Converting into INR Dhruva total Gross is ₹ 9,57,17,213/- and the Total share is ₹ 5,26,40,633/- . Dhruva finally brings smiles for USA distributors who were patiently waiting for the breakeven.