Ramcharan turns mess up boy !!

Mega Power star Ramcharan is messing his career with unplanned priorities making every one trouble for his deeds.  Ram charan after Racha success planned his career very professional way but executed it very badly . He signed 3 films simultaneously like his father who used to do more than 3 at a time at the same time for every 50-75 days one film would be released but for Charan could not mange things like his father .

First film was VV Vinayak’s NAYAK which was supposed to release Dussera but postpone to Pongal. Second film Vamsi Paidipalli’s Yevadu supposed to release on Pongal 2013 but postponed to summer 2014.

Meanwhile, Hindi film Zanjeer made an entry to his career ; don’t know how long it might take. The main reason for this mess up is lack of dedication towards works giving time for petty things . One the whole his bad planning has mess up everything increasing the cost of production and precious time of the directors.