Ramcharan still in Orange flop shock

Ramcharan who scored a industry hit with his latest movie Racha  still has not come out of the shock  given by his flop movie Orange.

Ramcharan who gave a stunning  industry hit Magadheera with his second film , tried  a different love story to get out of  Magadheera’s image , but  unfortunately instead of getting a hit the film gave a utter flop image for him  as the film has confused every one . This flop made cherry to go into shock and after taking some time he okied for Racha and the result was awesome, even after getting such success Cherry still wants to know why Orange film was a flop. In his latest tweets he asked I still don’t knw why my movie was called ORANGE.. Any guesses ??  this clearly  states his passion for his films as he always give his 100%.

Cherry has to remember one thing ‘Dont think of  failures …Try to work hard for success’.