Ramcharan beat Allu Arjun

The bonding between mega powerstar Ram Charan Tej and stylish star Allu Arjun needs no introduction. More than the fact that they are cousins, they have considered  themselves to be the best of friends. But now, the time has come for both to cross swords in a different venue.

Apparently, Allu Arjun has got a strong following in Kerala and the Mallu masses call him as Mallu Arjun. But now, it is heard that Cherry Racha created sensation in  the same circuit and gave competition to Bunny.

Charan’s target  was to create a massive impact down south through this movie and he has already achieved collecting good lump sum at Mollywood. It now remains to be seen whether Allu Arjun  will be able to keep back his mania in Kerala or not as he is gearing up with his new movie Julayi.