Ramcharan as Lord Rama in 500 cr Ramayan?

ramcharanTaking SS Rajamoui’s epic film Baahubali as inspiration, Tollywood ace producer Allu Arvind along with Madhu Manthena and Namit Malhotra have teamed up to bring Hindu mythological epic Ramayana to the big screen in 3D version. It will be shot in 3 languages and will be made with 500 cores budget.

After the official announcement of the project, A fan made pic is going viral in which Actor Ramcharan is portrayed as Lord Rama. Ramcharan is seen as 6 pack Rama with a furious expression on his face and holding a bow.

Although the makers of the film have not announced anything official, but the quality of the poster might give a feeling that the production house team has sent a feeler to take the feedback.