Ramcharan, Rajamouli controversy


Eega’s collections graph fallen flat at box-office in its 3rd week has raised a new controversy among filmy circles that whose contribution played a major role in making Magadheera’s such a huge hit. Rajamouli or Ramcharan?

Ramcharan who was carrying Chiranjeevi’s legacy has proved his acting talents in his first film itself and Magadheera taken his image to new heights, Next movie was a blunder mistake from his side, going out of scope the Mass hero image he earned from Magadheera. Later he recovered the loss by his latest release Racha which is typical mass movie, Here is the point to highlight. Racha with a new director and was rated as average and below average movie was able to gross huge with a single saving factor called star (Ramcharan’s) image and the movie stood at 4th place in all time top films list.

While Rajamouli who was always on hit track continued the success saga even with Eega which had got super hit ratings and very good pre release and post release publicity, But the point here is ‘Eega’ has  slowed down in terms of collections, with Rajamouli too wrapping up his promotion activities. Though the success of this movie is stunning with Rajamouli’s brand around it, it got nothing to stun the records of other movies. This fly became a star hero on day one itself; it is not having that stardom to bring repeated audiences to theatres. This movie might end up standing 7 or 8th place in all time top films list.

This proves the star power of RamCharan is a major contribution to the mega success of ‘Magadheera’, which otherwise would have sunk like regular flicks.