‘Ramababu’ release tensions

Power star Pawan Kalyan ” Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu” release tensions doubled with when Tollywood Directors ordering the movie producer DVV. Danayya to settle the remuneration matter by Wednesday. The Directors council ordered Danayya to settle the things before movie release date otherwise, producer will have to  face the consequences.

Earlier, Director Puri Jagannath complained to Directors council on producer for not settling his remuneration of 4.5 crore and requested them to settle the matter. After few days there was news that Pawan has settled the matter between them but it seems the matter is still fresh . And the Directors council today gave warnings to the producer might effect on the films release .

Rambabu is releasing world-wide on 18th OCT , already prints are ready to get dispatched to overseas. If the are dispatched no one can stop its release. And producer is looking forward before the matter is solved.But Tensions among Pawan fans lies as this is the first time such situation occurred for any Pawan’s film.