Rama Jogayya Sastry counter to RGV – Kelakamaku

rgvControversial director producer Ram Gopal Varma stays in the news with his Twitter. He already faced the wrath of Power Star Fans with his comments on Pawan Kalyan.

Verma’s habit of reacting on unnecessary things and commenting on it has led to severe criticism. While Ram Gopal Varma does not care about criticism on him.
Recently Verma has commented on Pawan Kalyan, PK’s photo on his way to Tirumala has become a viral on the social media, RGV tagged it saying “POWER STAR’S POWERRRFULL example of his POWERFULL ENERGY”.

Writer Rama Jogayya Sastry gave counter to Varma comments, saying “Kelakamaku sami …Telugu people’s time is not that easy. If you have anything, please call personally and talk “