Ram Gopal Varma lands in problems for his comments

rp_RGV-Attack-to-set-new-standards-in-TFI-300x221.jpgFilmaker Ram Gopal Varma lands in problems after his controversial comments on Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigation in Drugs case.

Retired Excise officials have filed a case against RGV in Abids Police station. Retired Excise official Mahamood become serious on RGV’s comments and expressed that RGV comments are diverting the investigation.

Mahmood said RGV is acting as a hurdle for the investigation with his threatening statements and punishable under section 50 of excise act. RGV’s statements come under obstruction of duties. He demanded the arrest of RGV.

He said RGV may be big Tollywood celebrity and is not free from the law. RGV is liable for punishments said Excise former official.