Ram Gopal Varma finds fault in Srimanthudu concept

rgvControversial director Ram Gopal Varma made sensational comments on Mahesh Babu’s Srimanthudu concept. He says Celebrities who are adopting villages are actually insulting the self respect of the people living in the villages. He alleged that the governments are distancing themselves from responsibilities by dragging stars to adopt villages.

I find this whole thing of celebs adopting villages very insulting to villages..No self respecting village will allow itself to be adopted

Imagine how insulting we will feel if a Hollywood star would want to adopt india reminding us that we are an under developed country

Do People who adopt think villages are orphans or beggars or handicapped or what? If villages have any self respect they should protest

Any village who is willing to be adopted is actually admitting that its depending on left over morsels thrown at it by the rich and famous

They say villages are the strength of the country and then they insult them by telling the whole world the villages live on their mercy

If Normal stars also are adopting a village should very powerful stars adopt many many many villages ?

I think it’s a conspiracy of government to incite the rich and the famous to adopt villages so that it itself doesn’t need to do anything.