Ram Charan’s injury led to serious complications

Mega Powerstar Ram Charan injury is giving sleepless nights to filmmakers. Of course, there is no nothing to worry on the health front as Charan is recovering well. The trouble is on the film front, particularly about the confusion over the release dates of biggies.
Ram Charan is supposed to wrap the shooting of two songs of Racha in 7-8 days, but the unexpected ‘five-inch’ muscle tear has spoiled the plans. Doctors have advised Cherry to forget about dancing for about 3 weeks and also warned him of serious complications, if he turn a deaf-ear to them.
Actually, Racha have been slated to hit the screens by the end of March. But the injury has  ushed the release date further and now even the producers have no idea when their film would be ready for release. This delay is affecting the release of other biggies (Rajamouli’s Eega and NTR’s Dammu). The exhibitors all over the state are refusing to make theatre agreements for the Summer biggies as there is no clarity on which comes first. Charan’s injury complicated the whole scenario. ‘You cannot change your fate. No one can’, Right!!!