Ram Charan’s dream in Nayantara’s hands

ramcharan-nayantaraAlthough there is no information whether Kollywood actress Nayantara has given nod for Pawan Kalyan’s next film , but the man who gave the idea to rope her is uncovered.

He is none other than actor Ram Charan, Charan is not just a relative to PawnKalyan but also a big fan of the actor. His dream was to see Pawan Kalyan and Nayanatara together on the big screen .

Thus, he asked the producer of the film A M Ratnam to approach Natyanatara for the film . Nayantara seems to have nodded in an affirmative way for this film but hasn’t confirmed yet.

As there is a lot of time for the film to start rolling , If Nayantara gives the calls sheets than definitely Ram Charan’s dream would be fulfilled.