Ram Charan tied Mangala Sutram

Ram Charan tied Mangala Sutram to Upasana at around 9:32 AM. So, they are now complete couple.

The grandeur is mind blowing. Ram Charan is really marrying a princess. We keep hearing gossips about heroes and heroines in link with marriage. We heard about Prabhas-Kajal, Gopichand-Anushka etc etc. But no hero marries a heroine now. Their target will be princesses only. Even Allu Arjun married a princess Sneha Reddy, whose father owns engineering colleges and many properties. Same applies to Jr NTR as well. Now other heroes may be in big tension and keep thinking how their brides should be”Fans across the world are gluing to this wedding news through websites, TV channels and various other media like talking to friends on phones.

It’s a love story that became successful. Ram Charan has been the childhood friend of Upasana and both became one today.