Ram Charan reacts on Sri Reddy issue

rp_dhruva-ramcharan-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-300x200-300x200-300x200-300x200-300x200.jpgActress Sri Reddy who has been whistleblower with her protest against the casting couch scenario in Tollywood.

She has been criticizing the Tollywood heroes for not supporting her and remaining silent on this issue. When Pawan Kalyan had said that Sri Reddy should go to the courts to get justice and not to television channels, she shouted back at him with a vulgar abuse.

Now one more Tollywood star hero Ram Charan reacted on this issue and gave his piece of advise to her.

He said Telugu film industry is like a family where everybody should work together. In this industry, women are always highly respected. Whatever may be the problems, they should be resolved legitimately and culturally. However, it is cheaper to draw some names unnecessarily and to gain popularity.