Ram Charan effect ! Nandamuri family boycotts ANR diamond jubilee

Ram Charan effect !  Nandamuri family boycotts ANR diamond jubilee

All is not well between the Akkineni family and the NTR family. The absence of actors of the Nandamuri family at the special felicitation ceremony to celebrate the platinum jubilee function of matinee idol ANR has set off speculations that the two families are on a collision course. The reason, however, is not clear. Some blame it on professional rivalry while other’s call it the Ram Charan effect! Sources close to the Nandamuri family say that the presence of Chiranjeevi was the reason behind the alleged last boycott. Apparently the Nandamuri family did not take too kindly to the innuendos poking fun at the Nandamuri heroes’ thigh-slapping and moustache-twirling tendencies in Ram Charan’s “Rachcha”.