Ram Charan, Balakrishna, Mahesh Babu get personal onscreen

Ram Charan, Balakrishna, Mahesh Babu get personal onscreen

In 2010 – Balakrishna in “Simha”: “Charitra srushtinchalanna meme, tiragarayalanna meme” (It’s we who create history or rewrite history).

In 2012 – Ram Charan Tej in “Racha”: “Rey musaloda… charitra raayadaniki vayasutho pani ledu. Prajala andunte chaalu. Adi maaku eppudoo vundi” (You old fellow, rewriting history has nothing to do with age. You need to have the people’s support and we’ve had that from the very beginning!)

While, these digs could be easily missed by anyone else, hardcore fans of the actors enjoy this dialogue war that seems to be escalating with every release. In fact, when Ram Charan Tej, in his recent film “Racha”, said – “Edo choosukuni thodalu kotte type kaadu nenu.” (I’m not the type to slap my thighs for some past achievement), Balakrishna fans were all riled up as it is a well-known fact that Balayya’s trademark style is his ‘thigh-slapping’ in movies. Soon enough, the virtual world has turned into a battlefield with Nandamuri and Mega fans taking on each other.

They are not the only actors indulging in this war.

Some moviegoers even feel that dialogues in movies are being used to prove a point. Mahesh Babu in his recent blockbuster “Dookudu” spews a loaded dialogue – “This is not my track record. This is an all time record.” And while the star’s fans were quick to point out the actor was not-so-subtly referring to his box office records, Ram Charan’s fans insisted that Venu Madhav’s dialogue from “Racha” – “Maa vaadu vachinde recordlu baddalu kottadaniki” (Our guy came here to break records) was a fitting response.

The dialogue writers are a scared lot too. Parachuri Venkateswara Rao, who wrote the dialogues for “Racha” says, “I had asked the makers to delete some of the dialogues, but the director wanted them to be retained. I am a scriptwriter and I work with all the stars in Tollywood. I don’t think this is a good practice.”

However, there seems to be no sign of this war abating. Sources say Balakrishna’s “”Adhinayakudu” is full of retorts to “Racha” dialogues. Here’s a sample…

Ram Charan Tej in “Racha”: Naa abba jolikosthe evadi abba thala ayina narukutha (If anyone meddles with my father, I will not hesitate to behead him, no matter who he is) Balakrishna in the yet-to-release “Adhinayakudu”, “Naa debba paddaakaa… abba anatam thappa..nee abba digi vachchinaa emee cheyaledu.” (One punch from me will make you remember your father, but even if your father comes down to help, there’s nothing much he can do).

Whether these are obvious digs or just funny coincidences, we can never be too sure. But fact remains that it is entertainment all the way!