Rakul Preet Singh faces strange situation at Spyder event

Spyder-Movie-Pre-Release-Event-Photos-set-2 (29)Actress Rakul Preet Singh faced a strange situation at the pre-release function of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Spyder that held on Friday night at the Shilpa Kala stage in Hyderabad.

Rakul had a strange experience, First, it was the Director Murugadas who thanked everyone for those who cooperated with the film. Some of the artists and technical experts names were also mentioned by the director. But he has forgotten to mention the name of Rakul Preet Singh. He later said sorry to Rakul Preet Singh and thanked her.

When Rakul was about to overcome from this shock, Mahesh Babu gave the same shock to her. Mahesh Babu also thanked all technicians and forgot to take the name of Rakul. He laster thanked her for, saying Rakul gave her dates without any reservations.