Rakul Preet Singh express her anger on Dowry men

rp_Rakul-Preet-Singh-latest-Stills-6-199x300-1-199x300.jpgActress Rakul Preet Singh express her anger on those men who take dowry for marriage.

Rakul asked police to take action against such guys and take more stringent action against those who harass their wives for dowry.

Rakul raised voice against discrimination against women in society. During the Children’s day, Rakul talked about social issues. She participated in the bicycle rally held in Hyderabad organised by Women and Child Welfare Department of Telangana.

Rakul responded to social issues on this occasion.She called for a society which doesn’t show female and male difference among children. She also asked parents not to show the difference between girl & boy. Everybody is equal, said Rakul.

Rakul expressed concern over gender tests during pregnancy and killing of girl child in the mother’s womb. She urged for a non-discriminatory society . Rakul asked police to prevent harassment on women, prevent women from smuggling and also abolish child marriages.