Rakul Preet and Lavanya worried about Kajal’s image

rp_Kajal-Rakul-In-London-photos-pics-2017-1-298x300.jpgAfter Kajal Aggarwal’s manager’s arrest for possession of drugs, Two heroines who are worried for Kajal have come for a damage control of the actress image.

Rakul Preet Singh said It’s scary !! when the manager whome you know personally is arresed for doing wrong and asssuced. It is not fair inthis case as noone can keep track of other person. She requested not to link this issue with Kajal’s image.

While Lavanya Tripathi said we maintain good relationshop with our managers whome we work on daily baisis but their personnel life is not our business . She said she was distrubed the way the Kajal’s image is effected .