Rajendra Prasad admitted in Hospital

King of Telugu cinema comedy Rajendra Prasad was admitted in Care Hospital on Satuday night when he complained of severe chest pain. Doctors at Care have performed Angioplasty and his condition is reported stable. As per media reports, Rajendra Prasad takes up Ayyappa Deeksha every year going to Sabarimala by walk. This year also, he has taken Deeksha and began his preliminary physical fitness exercises. Due to brisk walking, RP developed heart pain resulting ailment. Doctors informed that Nata Kireeti will be discharged today evening and he is perfectly in good health.

 Recently Rajendra Prasad acted in a pure Telugu film Onamalu and a satirical comedy hit Julayi. He has been the legendary actor of Telugu cinema industry who has done numerous films in the direction of Jandhyala, Bapu, EVV Satyanarayana, Relangi Narasimha Rao and many other directors. LA wishes a speedy recovery for Rajendra Prasad.