Rajeev admits he wanted to get rid of Both

sirisha-suicide-rajiv-Rajeev, the accused in Sirisha’s suicide case, admitted that he wanted to get rid of both girls Tejeswini and Sirisha.

In the police inquiry, He blamed SI Prabhakara Reddy for Sirisha’s suicide saying that the SI was trying to molest her when they intervened. Sirisha wasn’t raped, no one including Tejaswini was involved in Sirisha’s death.

He said He got vexed with Sirisha and Tejaswini argument at his studio and dialed 100 and later He went to SI Prabhakara Reddy at Kukunoorpally police station along with Sirisha and Sravan to settle the things as he did not want to marry any one of them.

He said Tejaswini was very keen on marrying him but his parents who did not accept the proposal. They were looking for a suitable girl.

After Sirisha understood that he was avoiding her Sirisha felt disgusted and hanged herself.