Rajashekar and Chiranjeevi avoid facing each other

Chiranjeevi-rajashekarThe rift between actors Rajashekar and Chiranjeevi continues even after one decade.

It all started with Tagore film, Raja Sekhar has bagged the rights of Tamil film Ramana the deal got a twist in last moments with Chiranjeevi’s entry and which was remade into Tagore.

Later, Chiranjeevi’s fans attack on Raja Sekhar family has further worsened their relationship, Since then they never faced each other. Raja Sekhar took the opportunity during 2009 elections to corner Chiranjeevi PRP.

Even at the condolence meeting was held on Saturday in memory of Dasari Narayana Rao who passed away recently, Rajashekar avoided to bump, He came to the event only after Chiranjeevi left the venue. They deliberately avoided facing each other.